#3: Pre-Lunch Thoughts

Sometimes there are things that I have to figure out myself. Where I plan to head to, what I plan to do. Reading a weekly newsletter from a Muslim sister has made me think about doing something that makes me excited to do everyday and yet serve Allah s.w.t. I am blessed no doubt to be holding a job that allows me to live comfortably but it is not a job I want to do for many years down the road. I am starting to feel detached from this job. In sya Allah, I believe that Allah s.w.t will protect me wherever I am. He has shown to me from the past jobs I had.

#2: Butterflies

Less than six months to a status change in sya Allah.

I am nervous because certain aspects of my life will change. I am accepting not only a person into my life but also his family and friends. I am alright around them. Since I am not much of a conversation starter, I tend to be quiet around people I am not very close with. Hopefully this will change as I spend more time with them. After the wedding, I will also be staying at his house and will definitely miss the comfort of home. Even though they say you’re family, it’s just not the same as being biologically related.

#1: first post.

Warning! This could be a sad post.

Maybe it’s not that sad. I am just feeling rather unmotivated about my job state (or it could also be due to the time of the month). I neither hate nor love my job. This job definitely gave me various learning opportunities because the organisation is very encouraging about staff going out to better themselves through courses or taking up a degree for example. However, I feel that I am not working my fullest potential and I don’t see myself developing further by staying here.

Yes, I am staying for practical reasons in particular finance wise. With an education loan over my head and marriage in the future in sya Allah, it is important to prioritise my needs before my wants. I have made the decision to leave in the near future.

I think I might have an idea of what I would like to pursue but I need time to really ensure that it is something I want to do so I guess time will tell.