A Year Later


It’s surreal to think that I have hit that one year mark ( and a few days ) of my marriage. I still get
reminded of the feeling whenever I witness someone else getting solemnized or having their wedding.
I kind of miss the feeling but I definitely do not miss the preparation!

One year on and I am still trying to fit into my role as a wife. I had to change my attitude and behaviour but for the better of course. I am thankful for my otter half who would highlight areas I need to improve on with patience and gentleness. For the most part, he is very tolerating of me.

It was not always an easy ride but not to say it was the worst. I’ve received comments from ex-colleagues and friends who will say “oh you are still in your honeymoon year” or “wait till you have kids!”.

I du’a that when the going gets tough, we will still continue to love each other as if it was our honeymoon year and commit ourselves to this union till jannah, in sya Allah.